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The Palmer Course Tour

A grand opening hole. Standing on the back tee box feels like standing on an elevated stage. This converted par 4 was changed from a par 5 when the clubhouse was built in 2000.  

The approach shot is difficult due to an elevated, rather small green. We recommend an extra club length to help you hit the green in regulation.


Par: 4
Blue: 334
White: 322
Gold: 279
Red: 266


Favor the right side of this huge, undulating green.  Any shot hit on right side of green will funnel towards center of green. Hole location will dramatically change club selection for the shot. Missing the green long is not a viable option.
Par: 3
Black: 225
Blue: 187
White: 157
Gold: 138
Red: 103


The toughest hole on the course. They didn't label this as the #1 handicap hole for nothing! The only par 4 on the front 9 of Palmer course over 400 yards.  A blind tee shot hit into the fairway will leave a second shot over water from a downhill lie.  The further right on the fairway, the flatter lie for your approach shot.


Par: 4
Black: 424
Blue: 408
White: 351
Gold: 318
Red: 230


The second blind tee shot in as many holes.  A straight tee shot to a plateau fairway will leave an approach shot to a long and narrow green.  River on the left and OB on the right can make the tee shot demand precision.


Par: 4
Black: 366
Blue: 328
White: 308
Gold: 279
Red: 266


One of the most beautiful holes on the course with its elevated tee box looking down into a narrow canyon fairway. A great tee shot can yield an opportunity to hit the green in two with few consequences.


Par: 5
Black: 534
Blue: 502
White: 493
Gold: 432
Red: 376


One of Arnold Palmer's favorite holes on the course. You won't want to use a driver unless you can bend it around the dogleg to the right. The green lies at the back of a dead-end box canyon so be careful on your approach shot.


Par: 4
Black: 367
Blue: 356
White: 322
Gold: 278
Red: 230


One of the more difficult par 3 holes, you'll be hitting across a canyon that eats a lot of golf balls. Get your camera ready, one of the more beautiful spots on the golf course.


Par: 3
Black: 157
Blue: 148
White: 138
Gold: 116
Red: 82


Most golfers will need at least three shots to hit the green on this hole. All of the tee boxes are elevated so you'll get beautiful views of the canyon and the water to the right of the green. A lay-up second shot will leave hopefully an angle where you won't have to carry the water hazard.


Par: 5
Black: 524
Blue: 503
White: 444
Gold: 408
Red: 390


The flattest par 3 on the course with a shallow, but wide green.  The prevailing wind makes this hole a lot longer than expected.


Par: 3
Black: 179
Blue: 165
White: 146
Gold: 116
Red: 108


This may seem like a short par 4 but it's all uphill with a slight dogleg to the left. The shallow green atop a steep hill makes a player's approach shot hard to judge actual distance and also makes it harder to hold the green.


Par: 4
Black: 299
Blue: 284
White: 263
Gold: 240
Red: 200


Beautiful view from atop the elevated tee box.  Accurate tee shots will land in the narrow fairway between two bunkers. Your second shot needs to clear the water on the left. Most golfers will want to stay right on the second shot to the green.


Par: 4
Black: 444
Blue: 412
White: 391
Gold: 374
Red: 303


It's all uphill on this reachable part 5. A long, narrow, green with a false front forces most players to carry shot onto a two-tiered green. 


Par: 5
Black: 550
Blue: 475
White: 441
Gold: 397
Red: 324


A great chance for birdies on this short par 4 that doesn't have much trouble until you face the bunkers surrounding the front of the green.


Par: 4
Black: 364
Blue: 337
White: 323
Gold: 285
Red: 230


Accurate tee shots are critical to get a flat lie to a tough green. Errant tee shots will be on a side slope that will challenge your second shot to an elevated green. It's tough to see the green from the fairway because of the perceived tilt from front to back.


Par: 4
Black: 364
Blue: 359
White: 348
Gold: 332
Red: 250


You'll definitely want to shoot for the middle of the fairway off the tee with an iron or fairway wood. Definitely hit an extra club to clear the bunker short of the green.


Par: 4
Black: 391
Blue: 350
White: 331
Gold: 298
Red: 273


Another beautiful view from a par 3 tee box. The elevation change from tee to green requires less club than the yardage indicates.


Par: 3
Black: 181
Blue: 164
White: 145
Gold: 133
Red: 105


The pond can come into play from the tee and on approach shot on this short, but difficult hole. Out of bounds guards the entire right side as well.  Try approaching from the right side so you'll have a straight-in shot to a slightly elevated green.


Par: 4
Black: 369
Blue: 348
White: 309
Gold: 270
Red: 234


Hole #18

A picturesque finishing hole with elevated tees and water to the right. Stay on the left side of the fairway and you'll have an easier shot to a green surrounded by water on three sides.


Par: 4
Black: 384
Blue: 362
White: 332
Gold: 288
Red: 256