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Canyons Course Tour

A grand opening hole. A very narrow landing area limits the longer-hitting players to a utility club off the tee. Make sure to keep your tee shot right avoiding the forced carry over the pond to a narrow, elevated green.


Par: 4
Blue: 375
White: 349
Gold: 314
Red: 275


A severely left-to-right sloping fairway encourages players to aim towards the left side of a generous landing area for a player's first two shots. Out of Bounds on the left and waste area on the right outline the entire hole.


Par: 5
Blue: 545
White: 480
Gold: 473
Red: 414


A beautiful hole guarded by desert from tee-to-green. Another shorter hole that demands precision off the tee to an elevated green that usually plays more than one club uphill.

Par: 4
Blue: 357
White: 327
Gold: 260
Red: 241


The first par 3 on the Canyons demands directional control. A downhill tee shot to a long, narrow green can make this hole visually intimidating. Any shot hit slightly right of the green will have a good chance bouncing onto the putting surface.

Par: 3
Blue: 169
White: 159
Gold: 149
Red: 128


At its narrowest point, the fairway is less than 20 yards wide, however a well played drive will leave a short shot into an elevated green. The forced carry over the hazard to this green has been filled in, which makes this approach shot much easier.

Par: 4
Blue: 379
White: 353
Gold: 333
Red: 288


One of the few holes on the Canyons where you can not see the green from the tee. It is possible to cut the corner and attempt to drive the green, however 99% of players will hit their utility club reaching the 90 degree bend to a long, narrow green guarded by desert on the left and water on the right.

Par: 4
Blue: 392
White: 376
Gold: 363
Red: 324

The shortest par 3 on the course is a player's easiest chance for birdie. A two-tiered green can make your club selection important.

Par: 3
Blue: 138
White: 117
Gold: 102
Red: 87


The longest par 5 on the course plays to a blind, two-tiered green. Placing your second shot to a flat landing area is important have a chance for your approach shot. Any shot right of the green will be disasterous for scoring well on this hole.

Par: 5
Blue: 536
White: 519
Gold: 498
Red: 432


From any one of the five tee boxes, the view towards the city of Mesquite with the background layout of the Virgin Mountains may make this tee shot a little surreal. A 60-foot drop from tee to green allows any wind to manipulate the shot to a well guarded green. The gentle, flowing waterfall throughout this hole offers a sense of tranquility before hitting the back nine.

Par: 3
Blue: 175
White: 130
Gold: 117
Red: 107


This hole plays the longest and is the most difficult par 4 on the Canyons. An uphill, blind approach shot surrounded by elevated canyons on the right and a natural wash on the left makes this hole visually intimidating.

Par: 4
Blue: 423
White: 409
Gold: 389
Red: 383


A strategically placed drive down the left side of the fairway leaves an approach with a great angle into a green guarded short by bunkers and a pond.

Par: 4
Blue: 375
White: 334
Gold: 315
Red: 220


The shortest par 4 on the course demands an accurate wedge shot to a heavily guarded green. A waterfall cascading down from the left of the green leads into a stream that guards the front and flows into a pond right of the green.
Par: 4
Blue: 308
White: 242
Gold: 219
Red: 208


Several fairway bunkers will make this hole a challenge off the tee for players of all levels. Be aware of the elevated green and the false front as approach shots need to carry to the middle third of the green.
Par: 4
Blue: 363
White: 329
Gold: 262
Red: 226


The longest par 4 on the scorecard plays downhill to a well designed green guarded short on both sides by sand. Hit your shot left and your ball will be in Arizona and/or another time zone.
Par: 4
Blue: 434
White: 387
Gold: 352
Red: 346


This hole plays difficult if your tee shot lands anywhere on the left side of the fairway or rough. Aim right off the tee to avoid carrying a water hazard for your approach shot to a short, difficult green.
Par: 4
Blue: 392
White: 353
Gold: 335
Red: 292


The only par 5 on the back is well defined by its large landing areas; play an extra club for the approach shot as the green is well elevated. A less undulating green will give an opportunity for players to score well.
Par: 5
Blue: 512
White: 485
Gold: 454
Red: 435


The toughest par 3 on the card that plays approximately 1 1/2 clubs less than the yardage. An approach shot hit right or long of the green will hopefully offer a member's bounce onto the green.
Par: 3
Blue: 183
White: 165
Gold: 154
Red: 139


The finishing hole on the Canyons demands accuracy off a severely sloped fairway. An uphill shot to an elevated green that drops off dramatically on the back edge leaves little room for error.
Par: 4
Blue: 347
White: 318
Gold: 287
Red: 242